Sonographic Measurement of the Liver in the healthy adult Nigerian Population


  • Obiozor AA Department of Radiology, Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria



Liver, Sonography, nomogram, measurement


Background: This study is on sonographic measurement of the liver in the healthy adult Nigerian population. The objective of the study is to determine normal lengths of the liver and to correlate the measurements with the sex, age, height, weight and body mass index, in the adult Nigerian population.

Materials and Methods: A sample size of five hundred (500) was used for the study and the individuals were not less than twenty (20) years as at the time of data collection. A questionnaire was used for inclusion and exclusion criteria. Consent was obtained from the individuals before the study and strict confidentiality was maintained. Descriptive and inferential statistics were deployed to realize the objectives.

Results: The mean length (L1) of the liver was 117.2±12.5mm for males and 119.2±13.3mm for females with P values of 0.087 which is not significant. More so, the mean length (L2) of the liver was 133.1±10.1mm for males and 134.5±10.8 for females with P values of 0.133 which is not significant.There is positive correlation of the liver lengths (L1)with age P values 0.000, height P values 0.006 and width with P values 0.019.

Conclusion: Liver size is affected by many variables such as age and weight in both genders. Liver length decreased with age, and size of the liver in males was greater than in the females. Also, there is a significant positive correlation with liver dimensions and the variables studied.