Maternal predictors of mode of delivery: A retrospective study


  • Ogbondah B. O. Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, Rivers State University, Nkpolu Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • Kenneth Okagua
  • Golden Owhondah
  • Dorothy A. Okoh
  • Victor Oris-Onyiri


Caesarean section, mode of delivery, maternal predictors, age, mean arterial blood pressure, marital, employment status


Background: Mode of delivery (MOD) which could be via caesarean section or vaginal have been associated with maternal predictors such as age, mean arterial blood pressure (MAP), weight, height, marital and employment status. It is imperative to study these maternal variables as to establish a comprehensive ante natal care (ANC) surveillance system to assist in reduction of risk associated with delivery. The objective of the study is to determine effects of maternal variables such as age, height, weight, mean arterial blood pressure, marital and employment status on MOD by a pregnant woman.
Material and method: The study was a descriptive retrospective study conducted at general hospital Bonny, in Bonny Island Rivers State Nigeria. The study involved retrospective data collection from the records of participants kept at the records department. Study population included all eligible pregnant women who presented for antenatal care (ANC) and also had their babies delivered at the hospital from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2020. Results were presented in simple frequency distribution table while multivariate logistics regression analysis was done to determine continuous variables which were significant at p value less than or equal 0.05 level. Also, bivariate analysis with chi-square test was done for categorical data with level of statistical significance set at less than or equal 0.05.
Results: Results revealed statistically significant association between maternal MAP, age, marital and employment status with CS as MOD.
Conclusion: Maternal variables such as age, MAP, marital and employment status can be used as predictors of MOD.

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