Acquired gynaetresia with cryptomenorrhoea secondary to induced abortion – A case report


  • Omale AE
  • Ibrahim SA
  • Anor F



Acquired gynaetresia, cryptomenorrhoea, induced abortion


Gynaetresia is the occlusion of some part of the female genital tract especially occlusion of the vagina. It may be congenital or acquired. Acquired gynaetresia with cryptomenorrhoea usually presents with cyclical monthly pelvic or rectal pain but no bleeding per vagina. It may occur as a result of trauma to the female genital tract with secondary infection and adhesions.
  We present a case of acquired gynaetresia with secondary amenorrhoea in a twenty year old student of a secondary school in an urban centre, who presented at the gynaecological unit of Armed Forces' Specialist hospital with history of termination of eight weeks pregnancy at a chemist five months prior to time of presentation. Since then she has been having cyclical monthly lower abdominal pain but remained amenorrhoeic. The pain became severe that day hence she presented at the hospital. Findings at the surgery were dense adhesions in the vagina with complete obliteration of the cervix. She had adhesiolysis and cruciate incision and evacuation of about 600 ml of dark brown insipitated blood.

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