Biological profile of oral health subscribers in both tertiary and secondary healthcare centres: A postmorterm analysis and policy implication


  • Madukwe I. U.


Biological, profile, oral health, subscribers


Oral health and dentistry in Africa have been afflicted by the problems characterizing the world’s developing regions, such as poverty, malnutrition, high incidence of infectious diseases and child mortality, lack of oral health policy, and inadequate national budget for oral health.  The retrospective study period of 10 years, in both centres revealed 72,818 subscribers, of which 54.23% were from tertiary health centre (UBTH).  Female subscribers were dominant in both centres; 54.89% (UBTH) and 56.06% (Central Hospital, Benin City), with the means and the analysis of variable between means and within means (ANOVA), with an F-test, one tail probability of P>0.05.  We conclude that a well articulated strategy and policy on increased oral health subscription in our communities is most desirable.  Integration of oral health into national and community health programs is recommended.

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