A scope review on home-based care practices for COVID-19: What Nigeria can learn from other countries


  • Ilesanmi OS Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
  • Afolabi AA




COVID-19, home-based care, household, infection prevention and control, self-isolation, Nigeria


Introduction: Home-based care (HBC) services associated with COVID-19 pandemic are inevitable due to rising number of cases, the need for patients to self-isolate and curb the spread of infection. We reviewed the practices of HBC for COVID-19, identified possible challenges and suggested solutions for its optimization in Nigeria.
Methods: We adopted the scope review methodology. We conducted an extensive search of published articles on three databases; MedLine, PubMed, and PLOS ONE focusing on home management for COVID-19 and screened them for eligibility.
Results: Our findings revealed HBC decongests health facilities, makes room for health workers to focus on critically ill patients, and enhances recuperation of ill persons at a low cost. However, when self-isolation and infection prevention and control are not strictly adhered to, HBC increases the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among family members and further community transmission. Similarly, the existence of the perception of ‘imprisonment’ and difficulty in adherence to safety measures could be key challenges to optimizing HBC.
Conclusion: Strict infection prevention and control (IPC) measures could reduce the transmission of COVID-19 during HBC. We recommend HBC training sessions, and IPC education for community members regarding home care of COVID-19 patients. Patients who are less likely to adhere to HBC should be isolated in health facilities where available. Organized trainings need to be scheduled for community-based volunteer healthcare workers to undertake visitations to household where COVID-19-infected persons are being isolated. A periodic review of HBC is needed to identify its challenges and proffer prompt solutions.






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